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DESIGNBOOM — Ora Ito designs ‘futuristic and friendly’ metro in Marseille


Paris-based designer Ora Ito is working with French rail transport company Alstom to create the upcoming Marseille metro. Carriages feature a minimal white body with blue accents, designed to represent a push towards non-motorized transport.

‘The challenge is not speed, but peaceful movement, safety and energy saving,’ says Ora Ito. The new trains will consume 25% less thanks to electric braking, led lighting and other optimizations. the installation of the metro is scheduled for 2024. a ‘friendly and futuristic design’ features large windows, an efficient air conditioning system and passenger information systems for which french sound designer Fabien Bourdier has imagined the sound.

The metro will benefit from the latest technological developments in order to increase comfort, availability, accessibility and passenger information. Each train will be made up of four cars and span a length of 65 meters, following a ‘boa’ configuration with open interior gangways that can accommodate up to 500 passengers.