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Hi Panda


An unedited store designed by Ora-ïto, Ora-ïto imagined an automorphic architecture to embody the store Hi Panda and the contemporary spirit of the brand phenomenon. By taking over the special multi-purpose of Krion® and the new generation retina of the Porcelanosa company, he created a radical and uncluttered universe. The Krion® can be shaped to answer all abstract requirements. Ora-ïto uses this flexible material to compose a monochromic cap attached to a symbolic glass wall constantly going from reality to virtual. The « pod » is personified by a giant and iconic sculpture voluntarily cut in half. The reflection is perfectly symmetrical as every element of the space.

He managed to translate the identity quintessence, with a concern for pure lines simplicity to emphasise the graphic universe of HI PANDA and the brands significance declined in the whole of its products: we can find clothes, toys, paintings, sculptures and limited editions of Jiji, creator of the brand. An original space, 100% in Krion® of Porcelanosa. Krion® is the solid material surface of the group Porcelanosa. The brand is known world wide for its numerous ranges of products for room fittings and house decorations. No stone(cold?) floor in this environment, this last generation retina has a matt and silky touch. Krion® is used in bathroom and kitchens, but also resists UV, spots, burns, chemicals and bacteria. It isn’t porous and is easily repairable. Thermo-formable, it can realise any shape and the most crazy projects.

The opening of the store is planned for the end of February 2011. While waiting for this event, you can find our Panda on its web site and in the Galeries Lafayette