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Foodshelf Kitchen collection for Scavolini


A perfect balance of state-of-the-art function and minimalist aesthetic in a collection that never fails to intrigue and surprise.

Foodshelf is the innovative response to contemporary home design solutions in which the kitchen and living area become more “fluid”, multifunctional and their characteristics tend to merge.

Like a new-generation bookshelf, the Foodshelf kitchen – in which the French designer’s creative genius and Scavolini’s vast experience combine to perfection – features a “new horizontal linearity”. It is centered on a series of woodlook shelves that run the entire length of the kitchen and living area, acquiring different functions in the various points: worktop, strip underneath the base units, or as shelves fitted below and above the wall units. This design concept also allows base and wall units of different colours to be combined, subdividing the kitchen into “graphic” blocks while retaining its modular structure. For creating innovative compositions, with unusual, attractive chromatic and architectural effects every time.