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Maison&Objet — 20 years and counting: Ora Ito


What do a Guerlain perfume bottle, the tram system in Nice, a Citroën concept car, a Heineken beer can, a Cassina chair, and an art center have in common?

Ora ïto, in 20 years of studio work, has made his mark on the French design landscape, pursuing his dreams of projects, each more striking than the next. He has already worked with the biggest brands (Guerlain, Citroën, Heinekein, Cassina, Cappellini, Bouygues, Alstom, Laguiole, Zanotta, Accor, Christofle…), and wants to open even more doors.

Behind these famous names that everyone knows, we find big business, major French manufacturers, large retail brands, design producers, and we could also add contemporary artists to the list. Acting as a true design chameleon, Ora Ïto goes from one project to the next with a clearly eclectic spirit, while still adding his easily-identifiable signature each time. How does Ora Ïto approach all of these projects with partners from such varied horizons?

How does he go from the creation of virtual products to that of products that couldn’t be more real, or from a project for an art center, the MaMo, to a hotel design project? What drives him, and how would this designer describe his approach? An encounter with this designer to retrace, along with him, his career path, his dreams, his desires, and his future projects.

Monday 09.05 — 04:00 – 04:45pm