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Designboom – Flying Nest is the nomadic accommodation that travels around the globe


The project converts old shipping containers into mobile and sustainable guest living spaces that can be easily transported and re-assembled in any location. The idea behind the design envisions a traveling hotel room that can be used for a wide variety of events, from music festivals to business meetings.

Each 12 square meter container is designed by Ora ito to achieve a high quality finish comprising a living area, sleeping area and private bathroom. A large window is also incorporated into the bedroom space to gain beautiful picture frame views of whichever landscape the ‘flying nest’ finds itself in. The units are arranged in small ‘islands’ of six modules with connecting terraces to encourage interaction between guests. In addition to being easily transported, the project also boasts green credentials, as they are developed to be self-sufficient and are finished in eco-friendly wood.

The project has been created for AccorHotels to achieve its goal of providing an exclusive and unforgettable hotel experience. Overall, the design ensures flexibility and ease of transportation, while the wooden aesthetic evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort to offset the transient nature of the accommodation. more than just a hotel room, ‘flying nest’ provides the opportunity to be immersed in a remote location and this winter it will be open to the public for reservation at the Avoriaz ski resort in France.