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Iconik — Heineken



In 2006, Heineken seeks Ora-Ito once again to imagine the evolution of the first Paco aluminum packaging. Ora-Ito creates a new bottle shape for the long neck, a whole generational icon: ICONIK.

Instant Night

Rare and ephemeral, NIGHT INSTANT only reveals itself in the dark. Ora-Ito had the idea of playing on the specificity of UV light to draw a scene that reveals its true nature at night. Phosphorescent inks transforms the appearance of the bottle: only pixels light up and the rest of the bottle plunges into darkness, seemingly fading away.

Green Line

This 2009 edition leaves only thin green lines on the raw material. Minimal graphics to sublimate the sculptural dimension and perfect volume of the exclusive creation. Ora-Ito imagines this time a skin, sleek and stylish, magnifying the contours of the bottle.

Pure Edition

Ora-Ito imagines for the 2010 series, a sleek look, highlighting the contours of the silhouette. For the first time, the bottle is adorned in white with only minimal graphics, a wave of Heineken pictograms. The white reveals the subtle lines and elegance of the material.