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Toothbrush holder — Supergrif


Always concerned with providing customers with the best technological advances in spa therapy, the Spanish brand of contemporary fixtures, Supergrif, invited Ora-Ito to totally rethink the world of bathrooms. For Supergrif, Ora-Ito started with a clean slate, free of the preconceptions that traditionally govern the world of fixtures, and presented, with a daring purity of design, a new vision of each component that makes up the collection of taps and showers.

Conceived for ideally simple and harmonious water distribution in the bathroom, each of these components conforms to its functional definition while displaying unique proportions and a high-tech look adaptable to all installations. All possible ways of dispensing water have been rethought so as to transform the fulfillment of every action. The outcome? Objects midway between art and design that revitalize contemporary esthetics with the new vocabulary that exemplifies “simplexity”.