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Arborescence Candelabra HO — Christofle


For Ora-Ito, nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Veritable sculptures for the home, these candelabras express a free-flowing esthetic interaction between the idea of untamed nature — the “arborescence” of the silver material, which takes on a botanical appearance with branch-like shapes — and the mastery of architectural lines.

The esthetic of spare understatement, a value shared by Christofle and Ora-Ito, attains its fullest expression in these contemporary yet timeless pieces. In the fluidity of the lines, drawing ever nearer to the mental representation of the object, the fundamental idea of the candelabra is reached, revealing its quintessence.

Taking a new step forward in establishing Christofle in the world of interior decoration, Ora-Ito has created an exceptional piece, a veritable silver tree brought to life by the Haute Orfèvrerie workshop of the Christofle factory. This multi-branched silver objet d’art stands tall, measuring more than 1.2 meters in height. The standing candelabra is offered in a limited series of 20 signed and numbered pieces.