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Nice-Metropol Tramway — Alstom


Designer Ora ïto and Alstom unveiled the tram layout that will fill the streets of Nice, France as voted by its inhabitants. The collaboration resulted in an organic and rational tram for the next generation of Alstom ‘Citadis X05’ citywide tramways. the shape is designed to slip through the historical town paving a new wave of contemporary urban infrastructure.

Each tram is designed to summarize the architecture of the city, with matching colors of the sumptuous Place Massena or Villa Matisse. The tramway is trimmed with black strips structuring each compartment with a graphic and signage rhythm. Ora ïto’s attention to detail is pushed to the extreme, with a metallic finish reflecting the city in the movement, which immediately resonates with the landscape.

To integrate the system seamlessly with the city, the tramway will charge through the ground to avoid prominent overhead contact lines and cables. Each 44 meter train can comfortably accommodate 300 travellers with bigger windows, soft LED lighting, larger individual seats designed by Ora ïto and extra-wide information displays. delivery of the first trams is scheduled for the summer of 2017, with implementation taking place in 2018.