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Cube flasks — Okaïdi


A perfume bottle by Ora ïto

Designed by Ora ïto, the bottle pushes the classic codes of perfume design. Reflecting the playful, sensory dimension dear to OKAÏDI, this graphic cube rounds off corners and offers a touch of softness with a stunning colorful silicone. OKAÏDI and Ora ïto, two names echoing one another for a collection of fragrances inscribing design in the heart of children’s lives.

A collaboration with strong harmony

Okaïdi and Ora ïto, beyond a close harmony, share many common values. Ora ïto’s work expresses simplexity and sense of generation. Okaïdi offers creative and modern collections, accessible and child-friendly. Reflecting this very specific universe, Ora ïto has created a cube with rounded corners, scaled to fit the hands of a child. This graphic, shaped silicone material plays on the recessed and raised facets, enabling multiple flasks to nest in new geometric compositions. Finally, this cube like no other conceals a secret technique: the vaporizer is hidden within, erasing the classic codes of perfume bottle design. Childhood is a game and the bottles contain its essence.

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