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My Kitchen — Guzzini


Ora-Ito designed a range of products especially for Guzzini and created for food preparation. They include: a knife block, a utensil set with base and a set of electronic scales. And for the kitchen and elsewhere, Ora-Ito gives us a large wall clock that will play a starring role in our living space.

“The simpler an object is to use, the more its meeting with the consumer becomes intuitive, easy and natural.”

The set of five knives with base consists of: knife for cold meats, bread knife, kitchen knife, general purpose knife and carving knife. It is compact in size: the space taken up on the kitchen worktop is reduced to a minimum, thereby ensuring modern living demands are met in full. Perhaps the most striking element of this new Guzzini product is the valuable acrylic base with a white full-colour front and transparent or red transparent back to allow you to see the knife blades and make it easier to make your choice, depending on what is to be cut. It can also be dismantled and is therefore easy to clean, guaranteeing maximum hygiene. The surface finish of the blades is a particularly important point of these knives, which are also fitted with “soft touch” grips and a “finger-saving” function for the safety of the whole family. Available in two different colours, grey with a transparent base or red, the five-knife set with base is Made in Italy and dishwasher safe.

The utensil set with base consists of 5 utensils: large spoon, spaghetti server, skimmer, slotted spatula and ladle, everything you need to prepare and serve food. The utensils are suitable for all pan types, whether steel or fitted with an internal non-stick coating, thanks to the anti-scratch plastic that withstands high temperatures used to make them. The large structure base guarantees excellent stability and the innovative system that fastens the utensils to the base gives the product an original, decidedly innovative form. And the unique shape of the grip, also designed to fasten the utensils to the base, safeguards hygiene, preventing the utensils from actually touching the surface. Ergonomic, featuring a “soft touch” grip, practical and dishwasher safe, the utensils will be available in grey and in red.

The Slim electronic kitchen scales recall a very recent tablet: with an essential, clean-cut design, they feature smooth surfaces recalling a touch-screen and are available in various different colours: wisteria, grey, orange and red. Its maximum capacity is 5 kg and it can weigh in grams or ounces; it has a calibration function, turns itself off and four non-slip rubber feet to guarantee stability. The Ora-Ito for Guzzini electronic kitchen scales have a convenient, large white LED display to facilitate reading.

The set of 5 knives with base, the utensil set with base and the electronic kitchen scales are all support accessories to be kept on the worktop and used day-in, day-out: the perfect blend of aesthetics and function, logic and creativity, exalted by the colours, transparencies and thicknesses of the acrylic.

The last proposal signed by the French designer for this early 2013 is the wall clock Times Square.

Its simple, elegant style enables it to harmonise with any type of furnishing and different living spaces: from the kitchen to the living room, study and office. Its relief graphics and size facilitate reading and its two-tone effects, with a white frame and red or grey face, give it a valuable, unique look to match with its continuous, quite movement. So aren’t these all good reasons to get or give one?