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Poêle — Aubecq


In 2011, Aubecq in­vites ORA-ÏTO and suggests to de­sign a range of cook­ware com­bin­ing Aubecq’s unique CNC tech­nol­o­gy as well as its mul­ty clad know how. ORA-ÏTO is the brand and name of a famed French de­sign­er. His work has been aclaimed by crit­ics and pop­u­lar opinion. From an es­thet­ic point of view, de­sign, func­tion and shape, fit per­fect­ly to­gether, ad­d­ing a touch of sen­su­al­i­ty. In 2012, Aubecq is proud to pre­sent its 5 PLY col­lec­tion. The most ad­vanced cook­ware range.

THE NU­MER­I­CAL CON­TROLLED CUTT­ING™ TECH­NOL­O­GY (CNC) has been de­signed to max­i­mize the con­duc­tion pow­er. This high pre­ci­sion nu­mer­i­cal con­trolled cutt­ing which lets cop­per ap­pear en­ables your uten­sil to rise in tem­per­a­ture in re­cord time. The heat­ing tech­nol­o­gy op­ti­miza­tion of your uten­sils re­duces your pow­er en­er­gy while pre­serv­ing the nu­tri­tio­n­al and flavour qual­i­ty of cooked prod­ucts.

THE MOST AD­VANCED COOK­WARE TECH­NOL­O­GY. Dur­ing the past 5 years, Aubecq ‘s in­ge­nior have studied and ex­plored all kind all paths in or­der to im­prove heat con­duc­tion. They have suc­ceed­ed by us­ing 3 dif­fer­ent kinds of ma­te­rial. A mul­ti clad of stain­less steel, alu­minum and cop­per.