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Sculpture Reebok — Hi-Macs


Never mind the upper of Reebok’s RealFlex shoe for Ora-ïto, the interest lies all in the sole. The sole is the most beautiful part of a trainer, says Ora-ïto. It’s there that the sense of movement and the graphic power is found. It’s like a landscape. It is exactly that idea that Ora-ïto has realised in the form of a pop art-inspired bas-relief work, a sculpture painting that echoes the 76 independent sensors on the sole of the RealFlex in mid-twist and undulation. The piece, which is produced by Candido Hermida, is made of Hi-Macs®, a cuttable, thermo-formable, stone-like bauxite/acrylic mix, chosen for its ability to offer one unbroken, seamless sheet for the 3m-wide work, and with the strength to take the considerable weight. My style of dress is more classic now but I still have my trainer collection and I’d love to do the sole of all the iconic sneaker soles this way,’ says Ora-ïto.